Creagh D.

Michaela Gaither was my physical therapist from November 2020 until March 2021. When I entered her therapy sessions I was completely disconsolate because I had a tri-malleolar break in my left ankle and leg which had almost been amputated, as I had been running at great speed and slid down a wet hill at a 45* angle.

Michaela was wonderful for my psyche as well as for my injury. I do not think I would’ve recovered as well as I did had it not been for her tender loving care, her knowledge and her spirit. After I was released from physical therapy there was actually a deep sadness in my being because I knew I was no longer going to be able to see her two or three times a week. She had become the mast to my sail, my spirit guide.

I would not have any reservations going to her. She is one of a kind and a special healer.

Good luck with your recovery.

-July 15, 2021